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Gender Reveal Party: Here is what You Need on the Menu Gender Reveal Party: Here is what You Need on the Menu

Gender Reveal Parties are all the craze these days. Parents to-be are excited about sharing their good news with a grand gesture. When there is a party, good food is expected. Here is where creative catering services and a themed menu come into play. Gender reveal party catering calls for lip smacking treats that look absolutely cute. Let CRAVE help you with ideas for a fantastic Gender Reveal Party: Here is what you need on the menu!

Appetizers in waffle cones

Waffle cone aren’t just for desserts and ice creams anymore. They pair very well with savory and appetizers. Serve them with saucy popcorn chicken or southern fried chicken; these really balance the flavor well. 

Crave offers splendid bite sized catering services in Lahore that are sure to make a bang on your gender reveal party. Whether you go for an intimate affair or a big and bold event, appetizers in waffle cones are a win-win with the guests!


Cake Pops

Bless your guests with bite sized cake pops if your guests have a serious sweet tooth. These can be customized to any color to match your baby’s gender and look equally impressive. If there is one food that fits every baby related celebrations, then this is it. 

For a sweet end to a happy memory, make sure the catering services bring these out right after the gender announcement.


Pasta Station

Sweet treats aside; your guests also need something savory to munch on. Cheesy pastas are a great way to share incredible news! Ask the team behind the catering services at your event to color them in pink and blue hues to add extra aesthetic to the spread.

We suggest you opt for live pasta station to give a unique experience to your guests. The live service and individual plating is hygienic and also saves on food wastage too.


Chat Station

Quite honestly, gender reveal party catering is a drag without desi food. Your guests need memorable food to munch on throughout the event. A chat station is fun, gender neutral and perfect for snacking while the guests wait for the big news.

Crave offers a huge Chat and Bhelpuri station that caters to every foodie’s love for delectable desi fare. In fact, our ingenious serving style makes us one of the best catering services in Lahore. Just call us and add fun to your event.

Colored Lemonade

Add blue and pink colored lemonade to your gender reveal party menu ideas, because these keep the intrigue rolling. Syrupy and refreshing coolers are a great way to quench thirst during summer events. 

These are also easily customized if you are not looking to splurge too much on themed items. We suggest you ask your catering services provider to serve them in clear cups and bottles to stick with a fun and youthful theme.

Regional cuisine

No good news is complete without digging into a bowl of fragrant Biryani or Afghani Pulao. Desi and regional cuisine has its own special place in our hearts. So treat your guests to delicious local fare like curries and rice dishes. They are always a hit!


Mini Pizzas

Carbs, meat and cheese come together in a heart stealing combination in the form of pizzas. Kids love them and so do the adults. For events like gender reveal parties, mini pizzas make a great addition to the menu. 

Be sure to ask your catering services in Lahore for colored pizza dough that matches the gender of the baby. Your guests will be absolutely smitten by the creativity. 

Final Thoughts

Gender reveal parties and baby showers require catering services with delicate touches to elevate the experience for your guests. The magic lies in offering delicious treats that also function as the highlight of the event. CRAVE excels at offering gender reveal party catering, that is synonymous with art. 


If you are running out of gender reveal party menu ideas, then let CRAVE work its magic.  We are trusted for our finesse and excellent service. Our attention to details and live catering makes us the best catering service in Lahore. Book with us today, as CRAVE never disappoints.

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