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In a time where Instagram dictates what is worthy of being at your wedding, elevating events with memorable catering services has become a norm. People are looking for creative and exclusive catering services in Lahore which are picture worthy yet give guests a unique experience. Hence Crave brings you 5 creative wedding catering ideas that will make your event the talk of the town!

Continental Food Catering

It is time to go big and international with your menu to impress your guests. A section dedicated to continental food catering at your event brings flavors of the world to your event. It is non messy and looks magical in pictures.  

From Hors d’oeuvre, appetizers to mains, continental food catering style is flexible and customizable. From sit-down dinner events to launch events for exhibitions, continental food catering services are a fantastic idea.

Live Food Stations

Live food stations are interactive and fun. These catering services give your guests an experience that indulges all the senses, like taste, smell and touch. Guests have the flexibility to customize their plate according to their own preference too. 

At CRAVE our skilled chefs put up a show while conversing with your guests as they wait. It is a highly engaging and memorable experience for all types of events. If you want to entertain your guests then live food stations catering services truly are the best choice. 

Local Delicacies

Give your guests something fun for their eyes and their palate. From traditional desserts to authentic regional cuisine, local tastes are always a hit. Most catering services in Lahore dedicate an entire section to local cuisine; however CRAVE THE CATERERS highlights it in an entertaining way. 

From live Gulab Jamun stand, chaat and bhelpuri section to live BBQ station, we mesmerize with the preparation process that entertains your guests for hours. If you choose local delicacies for your event, then CRAVE is the way to go.

Breakfast Spread

It might come as a surprise, yet Breakfast Spread catering services in Lahore are a fantastic attraction. They are unconventional which gets the guests talking. The highlight of the menu is also fresh and seasonal local produce presented in a picture worthy spread. 

Most of the menu is prepared on the spot much to the delight of the guests with interesting local and international favors. From French toasts, omelets to puri and parathas, the delicacies are rich and flavorful. If you have a morning or day time wedding event, then breakfast spread is a much loved highlight at your event. 

Infinity Dessert Table

The Infinity dessert table is all about quality that goes hand in hand with art. Any catering service is incomplete without the rich and inspiring set up of an infinity dessert table. The impeccable presentation is a sure fire way to win some hearts. 

From flowing chocolate fountains, to a selection of the finest cakes and pastries in town, there is something adorable about the way infinity dessert table is set. If there is one thing the guests will be talking about at your event, it is definitely the heart stealing and colorful lineup of sweet treats with CRAVE.  

Final Thoughts

Wedding catering does not have to be traditional and old school anymore. If you want your guests to have fun and enjoy to their hearts content, then add interactive and fun catering services with CRAVE THE CATERERS. 

We are one of the providers of best catering service in Lahore. We have pioneered modern catering in Lahore by pairing elements of excitement and interactive presentations with delicious food. If you want to win favor of your guests, then choose the best catering service in Lahore with CRAVE THE CATERERS.

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