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4 Catering Ideas for PSL Party 4 Catering Ideas for PSL Party

This year things are different yet nothing is close to dampening our excitement for PSL 2021. If you are also planning to throw a PSL 2021 watch party, then why not skip the tiring snack preparations. Simply opt for convenient catering services in Lahore! In fact, here are 4 PSL Party Catering Ideas to help you with your planning:


PSL party catering is incomplete without local fare that suits desi taste buds. We recommend having a dedicated desi station that caters to these desi tastes.

Juicy and spicy foods like Pakistani BBQ are always a hit so definitely book this to make your PSL 2021 watch party a hit.

 Crave offers live tandoor Party Catering Services with fabulous flavors of Lahore. We serve Live BBQ like Takatak, juicy kebabs, and tikkas; made fresh on the spot and served piping hot for extra fun.


Finger food is a great way to keep the fun rolling for hungry match watchers. A viewing party hence needs scrumptious and dainty treats that work well for large gatherings.

 If you are going for party catering services though, make sure to add a variety of offerings to keep guests interested. Crave works wonders with finger food and our menu offers a selection of exquisite fare.

We serve mini pizzas, cheese pockets, assorted toasties, Buffalo wings, mini burgers, sandwiches and much more. In fact, we offer a variety of tarts, flavored mouse, parfaits and sweet delights for those with a sweet tooth too.


If you want to impress your guests with an elevated experience, then you need to up your game as a host. Go for an exquisite tempura section for your PSL 2021 watch party. 


Crave is offering upscale tempura options through their PSL party catering services. From crispy jumbo prawns to crunchy tempuras, we are serving perfectly fried seafood loaded with umami goodness. 


This may come as a surprise but salads are making a splash as game-day fare. They are light, savory and served chilled which makes them suited for light snacking throughout the matches.

Crave, one of the best catering services in Lahore, recommends keeping your salad section casual. Serve easy-to-eat salads in individual cups or as a spread with plenty of crunchy garlic bread.

Whether you like Italian, Thai, Spanish or Arabic, our salad variety is boundless. Choose from Ceaser salad, Pomegranate & feta salad, crispy Spanish chicken, roasted salads and much more. We simply have it all.


If you are planning to throw a stellar PSL watch Party, then quit waiting and give Crave a call. We are one of the renowned catering services in Lahore for fantastic flavors and seamless presentation. So, get into the PSL spirit and get in touch with us today.

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