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3 Ways Crave Is Catering to the New Normal After COVID-19 3 Ways Crave Is Catering to the New Normal

It is no surprise that hospitality industry is one of the most hit by the pandemic. The new normal asks for a complete overhaul of practices that fit the new standards of sanitization. This means chucking out old practices where caterers in Lahore must adopt all new standard of hygiene. 

Safety and service must lie at unprecedented levels. In fact, customer’s health and wellbeing has to be at the heart of all safety protocols. Crave has changed amidst the pandemic too. We are setting standards for the entire industry. We take pride in offering hygienic and safe catering in Lahore that is discernible and reliable.

Here are 3 ways crave is catering to the new normal. 

1- Sanitizing Religiously

Offering clean and safe catering in Lahore has become a mantra at crave. We follow protocols frequently and sanitize religiously. This means we are all about disinfecting and going big on keeping the environment safe. 

From the kitchens, the live stations, staff to the fare on offer, every element at crave meets the strictest guidelines for a safe and clean experience.

2- Wearing Protective Gear

As the saying goes ‘safety is a choice you make” and crave is choosing to make the safety of our clients our first priority. The staff at crave has adapted to meet measures that mitigate the spread.

 This includes wearing medical grade masks, plastic gloves and PVC face shields in combination with frequent sanitization. We are taking the safety of our staff and clients seriously, which is evident in our practices of late.

3- Training Staff

We at crave are putting our heart into following SOPS. We are following international standards in health and hygiene to ensure a safe and hygienic service. For this purpose, we have trained our staff to bring them abreast with preventive measures. 

This includes training them on keeping social distances, wearing protective gear, sanitizing their stations religiously to planning their work around standards of sanitation. Crave has prepared them to deliver the safest catering in Lahore. 

Final Thoughts

To book safe and clean catering in Lahore that meets all levels of hygiene, book with Crave the Caterers today. Contact us at 042-35712066 or email us today on