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4 Quick Tips for Selecting Caterers | A Complete Guideline 4 Quick Tips for Selecting Caterers

Leaving catering in the hands of professionals leaves little room for mishaps. However choosing the right caterers in Lahore is a colossal task in itself. A fantastic caterer can either make or break your event. Choose the wrong one and every one of your guests is bound to be left disappointed.

Here Are 4 Quick Tips For Selecting Caterers

Hence, we bring 4 quick tips for selecting caterers that will make this enormous task easy for you. Read on to make your event a hit.

1- Check Their Instagram

Hiring a caterer with proven experience is a great way to get the best compliments from your guests. Instagram gives insight into what your caterer has on offer. From catering styles, service, menus and ambiance, it gives a brief glimpse into some of their successful events. 

Stories and event highlights also give ideas on some of their best work on a live basis. You are bound to learn a bit about their live service and management styles. Make sure to look for reviews from clients on their social media pages too.

  Social media also gives you enough ideas on different types of catering in Lahore that are available around you that work within your budget. 

2- Be Precise and Specific

Communicating your requirements to the caterers is necessary for a hit event. Do not overlook the need to discuss menus, prices and catering styles, as events are built on those specifics. Often the lack of precise and specific expectations is the reason why most events fail. 

To avoid your hours of preparation from crumbling into oblivion, make sure to first talk about your budget. Follow up with what you want and then what they can deliver. You will be surprised at how flexible most caterers are after a thorough discussion.

3- Ask for References

Get to know your caterers before delving into business with them. This means asking their previous clients about their work. Do not be afraid to request your caterers for the list of their recent clients for feedback. Remember, a good caterer is not afraid to share their references with you. 

Do take out the time to learn as much as possible about your caterer’s expertise.  Start by learning about their food presentation, the serving temperature as well as the taste. Your guests will be quick to judge these on your event; hence do not be shy while questioning. 

It would also work in your favor to learn about the guests’ reaction to the menu. Often what works on paper would rarely fly in reality, so learning beforehand will benefit you.

4- Go Over the Contract and Policies

Although it may not cross your mind, events are prone to cancellations or be postponed. Whether it is an unexpected weather or an impending global pandemic, cancellations occur all the time. Hence, it is important to cushion your damage by going over the cancellation policies in detail.

 Most good caterers have contingency plans in case of such unexpected events. These plans cover last minute changes to the date and often offset any financial penalties for both the clients and the caterers. A good caterer will have a plan that benefits both parties mutually.

Always check to see if your caterer listens to you and clearly discuss the procedures that follow in such cases. This ensures you are never at the wrong end of a bargain. Remember, good caterers always keep your satisfaction as a first priority. They are flexible enough to deliver amidst a crisis rather than to bail out. 

Final Thoughts

You as a client will have needs that caterers must list at the top of their priority checklist. Finding such caterers is indeed challenging. Crave the Caterers has established itself as a trusted name in the catering industry based on their, quality, flexibility and superb service. From hygienic standards to revolutionary ideas, we offer everything that makes us one of the best caterers in Lahore.

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