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3 Top Trends for Corporate Catering 3 Top Trends for Corporate Catering

Whether you are a big company owner or a startup, a splendid corporate catering is an ideal way to quickly impress clients and cheer your employees. Think different and intuitive styles that tick all the right boxes. If you are planning to host a corporate event, then here are exciting 3 top trends for corporate catering services from CRAVE you need right now!

Pasta & Noodles

When it comes to corporate catering, guests prefer delicious food that’s completely satisfies. Hence noodle and pasta are a hearty and preferred addition to any menu. They are filling, saucy and full of exciting flavors. Crave, one of the providers of the best catering service in Lahore has elevated the pasta and noodle experience for your guests. 


Pasta live stations with CRAVE have chefs that individually plate food for your guests. Apart from custom plating, they also create an engaging experience with excellent service. If offering an exciting experience is on your agenda, then live pasta station with crave is your best bet.


Healthy Food Options

Vegetarian entrées, fresh seasonal salads and low carb-low cal dishes are something guests always appreciate. With people considering healthy lifestyle a must in corporate jobs, menus that offer healthy options are always welcomes with open arms. Most corporate catering services shy away from offering healthy options as they may come across as bland and unexciting. 

This is not the case with CRAVE as we excel in healthy yet tasty options. Our catering services in Lahore are famous for healthier options that are exploding with delicious goodness. Give your guests a wide variety to choose from our salad bars, low calorie sauces to grilled menu, we never disappoint.

Custom Menu That Reflects Your Brand

One of the top trends in corporate catering that are making a splash are custom menus that reflect your brand’s voice and personality. Brands are experimenting with corporate catering menus to give a taste of what their business is all about.  

If the corporate advocates for natural then the menu is focused of seasonal fare that is fresh from the farms. Likewise if they are traditional and conventional, the menu is kept simple and rich with regional dishes. Crave has mastered the art of custom corporate catering services and excels at building menus that show a definite connection between the menu and your brand.

Final Thoughts

A successful corporate catering service will ensure that your guests are comfortable, the service is clean and the menu is in line with your brand.  At CRAVE, one of the recommended and best catering service in Lahore, we go the extra mile to satisfy your guests.


We offer custom menus, live stations and healthy food options to elevate the level of experience for your guests. In fact, we do all this and more, that too without any hassle. Impress your guests with the best corporate catering service in Lahore that never disappoints. Choose excellence with CRAVE!

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